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How to choose bedroom lights

The bedroom is the space for home sleep, so it is very important to create a good sleeping atmosphere. In addition to the selection of warm light sources for lamps, other factors also play an important role. So what shape of lamp is better for the bedroom? How to choose the lamp in the bedroom? Let’s take a look at the relevant introduction.

What shape of lamp is best for a bedroom?

1. For the bedroom lights, it should not be too bright or too dark. It is best to use warm color lights, which will make the bedroom more warm. In fact, it is good to have two or three lamps in the bedroom. Two lamps can be placed on the bedside table, one spotlight can be placed on the dresser, and one ceiling lamp can be placed on the top surface. Of course, the clever use of floor lamps, wall lamps and even small chandeliers can also create a better atmosphere for the bedroom.

2. The shape of the current bedroom is different, and some owners will change the interior pattern through decoration. Therefore, before purchasing a chandelier, you must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom, and try to choose a chandelier that is consistent with the shape of the bedroom.

How to choose bedroom lights?

1. Look at the size of the bedroom space

When choosing lamps, you should consider the size of the bedroom space. If it is a small bedroom, you don’t need to choose bedroom lamps that are too large, as simple and beautiful as possible. If the bedroom space is relatively large, you can choose crystal lamps or large ceilings, such lamps are more suitable.

2. Thickness of lamps and lanterns

The lamps have thickness and can be divided into three categories: thin, symmetrical and thick. The room with a floor height of 2.8 meters can choose thin or well-proportioned chandeliers, while the bedroom with a floor height of 2.8-5 meters should choose thick chandeliers.

3. Shade color options

The color of the lampshade should be taken into account when choosing the color of the wall, furniture and lamps, which will make people feel comfortable and warm. The visual effect will be better if the colors are matched properly.

4. Choice of bedside lamps and table lamps

It is best to choose bedroom lamps with adjustable brightness, so that you can choose a darker light when reading. Although the crystal lamp is beautiful, it is very dazzling, whether it is reading a book or getting up at night, it will feel uncomfortable.

5. bedroom light wattage

Before buying lighting, we need to choose the appropriate wattage according to the size of the bedroom space. If the bedroom space is not very large, we can choose about 10-15W lamps. If we use wall lamps, we need to choose 3W brightness, and use energy-saving lamps. Choosing 15W is enough.

The relevant content about how to choose bedroom lamps is introduced here first. I hope the above introduction can help you choose bedroom lamps in your home. If you don’t know how to match the bedroom lamps with a good living experience, you can match them according to the decoration style.

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