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Types of Clear Glass

clear glass

When choosing glass for your home, it is important to know what you are looking for. If you are using the glass in your home to protect your furniture and other objects, clear glass is the best choice. Unlike tinted or frosted glass, clear glass does not have any color distortions and is very clear. It is also available in multiple thicknesses.

Low-iron glass

Low-iron clear glass is a product that is low in iron and can be used in various applications. Its applications range from solar photovoltaic curtain walls to decorative glass. It is also used in precision electronics and special buildings. There are many types of this product. To learn more, read our Low-iron clear glass market report.

The report includes an industry overview, market size and segmentation by application, major players, and regional analysis. It also identifies key drivers and challenges in the Low-iron clear glass market.

Float glass

Clear float glass is a transparent, annealed glass with a naturally greenish hue. It has a very high optical quality and is used in many different applications. Its smooth surface finish and uniform thickness provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Here are some of the uses of this glass. In addition to its aesthetics, clear float glass also provides protection from the elements.

Aside from being used in furniture and interiors, float glass can be used as a curtain wall or a partition. It is also used in escalator side panels and balustrades. It can also be used for windows, sliding or swing doors, and more.