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The Iconic Verner Panton Lysekrone: A Fusion of Art and Light


The Verner Panton Lysekrone, or simply the Panton Flowerpot, is one of the most iconic lighting fixtures of the 20th century. Designed by Danish designer Verner Panton in the late 1960s, the Flowerpot quickly gained popularity for its unique design and artistic appeal. Today, it remains a beloved and sought-after piece of modern design.

The Designer: Verner Panton

Verner Panton was a trailblazing Danish designer whose work revolutionized the field of interior design. Born in 1926 in Gamtofte, Denmark, Panton studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before becoming a designer. He is best known for his avant-garde designs, which pushed the boundaries of what was considered mainstream design at the time.

One of Panton’s most significant contributions to the world of design was his incorporation of bright colors and unconventional materials into his work. He was not afraid to experiment with bold colors and materials like plastic and fiberglass, which were not commonly used in furniture design at the time.

The Design: Flowerpot Lysekrone

The Flowerpot Lysekrone, or Pendant lamp, is one of Panton’s most well-known designs. It was created in 1968 and was intended to be a part of Panton’s psychedelic “Visiona 2” exhibition in Cologne, Germany. The lamp features a simple yet striking design, consisting of two hemispherical shapes made of metal that appear to be nestled inside one another.

The Flowerpot Lysekrone is available in a range of colors, but the most famous version is the bright red-orange shade that has become synonymous with the design. The lamp is versatile and can be hung individually or in groups, creating a dramatic effect in a room.

The Significance of the Flowerpot Lysekrone in Design

The Flowerpot Lysekrone is a significant design piece for several reasons. Firstly, it showcases Panton’s innovative use of color in design. The bright orange-red hue of the lamp was a departure from the muted earth tones that were popular in furniture design at the time.

Secondly, the Panton Flowerpot is a testament to Panton’s unique design philosophy. His work often focused on creating works that were both art and functional design. The Flowerpot Lysekrone is a perfect example of this, as it serves as both a bold statement piece and a functional source of light for a room.

Finally, the Flowerpot Lysekrone is a lasting testament to Panton’s legacy as a designer. Despite being created over 50 years ago, the design remains relevant and popular today. This is a testament to the lasting impact of Panton’s work and his legacy in the design world.

The Flowerpot Lysekrone in Pop Culture

The Flowerpot Lysekrone has had a significant impact on popular culture and has been featured in several movies and TV shows over the years. It has appeared in films like Men in Black and Ocean’s Eleven, in addition to numerous music videos and fashion shoots.

Perhaps the most famous appearance of the Flowerpot Lysekrone is in the opening credits sequence of the hit TV show Mad Men. The lamp is prominently featured in the sequence, which is one of the show’s most memorable moments.

The Flowerpot Lysekrone in Contemporary Design

The Flowerpot Lysekrone remains a highly sought-after design piece today, with many contemporary designers creating their interpretations of it. It has been reimagined in a range of materials, including glass, wood, and even paper, showing the enduring appeal of the design.

These modern takes on the classic design spotlight the Flowerpot Lysekrone’s significance as a timeless design piece, showcasing its ability to endure over several generations.

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