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The Timeless Elegance of Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer: A Review on the Iconic Lighting Design


When it comes to interior design, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. One of the most iconic designs that has stood the test of time is the Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer. Designed by renowned American designer George Nelson, this lamp has been a staple in modern interior design since its release in 1952. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer, its history, design, and the impact it has had on the interior design world.

History of the Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer was first introduced by George Nelson in 1952 as a part of his “Bubble Lamp” series. These lamps were made of a translucent plastic material that created a soft, diffused light when illuminated. Nelson was inspired by a set of Swedish hanging lamps that he had seen, and he wanted to create a similar effect using a new material that was free of joints and could be molded into different shapes.

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer has become one of the most popular designs from the Bubble Lamp series. It features a round saucer-shaped shade that is suspended from a metal pole. The shade is created from a polymer material that is lightweight and durable. The lampshade is available in different sizes and colors, making it a versatile option for a range of interior design styles.

Design and Features

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer is a unique and timeless design that has become a classic. The saucer-shaped shade is made from a polyethylene material that is lightweight, shatterproof, and diffuses light beautifully. The shade is created by spinning the polymer around a mold, creating a spherical shape that is then cut in half. This cut allows the shade to be hung from a metal rod and used as a pendant lamp. The metal rod is available in different lengths, allowing the shade to be hung at various heights, making it perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, or other spaces where a statement light fixture is needed.

One of the unique features of the Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer is the way that the light is diffused. The polymer material allows light to pass through, creating a soft glow that is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The saucer-shaped shade also helps to direct light downward and out, illuminating the surrounding area without being too harsh or bright.

Another standout aspect of the Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer is its versatility. The lampshade is available in different sizes and colors, making it easy to fit into any interior design style. The lamp can be hung as a single light fixture or grouped together to create a dramatic effect. The saucer-shaped design is also ideal for use in low-ceilinged rooms where a traditional pendant light fixture might not work.

The Impact on Interior Design

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer has had a significant impact on interior design since its introduction in 1952. Its unique and innovative design was a departure from the traditional lamp designs of the time and helped to usher in a new era of modern design. The lamp’s popularity has endured over the years, and it remains a sought-after design among interior designers and architects.

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer has been used in a variety of interior design styles, from mid-century modern to contemporary. Its minimalist design and soft light make it a perfect fit for any space where a warm and inviting atmosphere is desired. The lamp has been seen in commercial spaces, such as restaurants and hotels, as well as in residential settings.

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