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The Shimmering Beauty of Pool of Light Rings

Pool of Light Rings are a form of antique jewelry, originally made in the 19th century. These rings are set with a single rock crystal orb, which is left untreated to preserve its natural appearance, and hence is often referred to as the “pool of light”.

The History of Pool of Light Rings

The original pool of light rings were made during the Victorian era, where the craze for spiritualism and the supernatural held a grip on European culture. People believed that the crystal ball in the ring made them perceive the future, while others thought they held magical abilities. Consequently, rock crystal and other clear gemstones were highly prized as it was believed that they could connect one to the spiritual world.

Pool of light rings enjoyed a heyday of popularity circa the 1880s to 1910s. These rings were typically made with 9ct to 18ct gold, and a single rock crystal ball that was completely untouched. The vast majority of pool of light rings had a simple, elegant design that was partly responsible for their popularity. Many were accented with small diamonds, rubies, or other precious gems, making them unique statement pieces.

Modern Pool of Light Rings

Modern pool of light rings are often made with more valuable metals and gems compared to their original counterparts. With the resurgence of antique jewelry and vintage fashion, these classic rings have been given a modern twist to suit the current fashion trends. The only difference between the original pool of light rings and their modern counterparts are the materials used in their crafting.

Furthermore, the modern designs of pool of light rings have expanded the traditional design style. While many still prefer the classical and understated appeal, some designs are modern, eclectic and awe-inspiring. Modern pool of light rings incorporate unique engravings, multi-colored stones, and intricate metals for an updated look. Pool of Light Rings are now available in different styles from simple and elegant designs to complex, grand pieces of jewelry.

Why Purchase Pool of Light Rings?

Pool of light rings are one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are timeless and bring a touch of sophistication and mystery to any outfit. Whether you have a fondness for all things historical, or simply enjoy wearing unique, conversation-starting jewelry, a pool of light ring is an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

They are also perfect engagement or wedding rings, as they symbolize the undying love that couples share. Unlike the typical wedding ring, pool of light rings offer a unique, more personal touch to your special occasion.

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