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Best Tips For Picking A Crib

  1. The crib should have sturdy railings, and the distance between the guardrails should not be greater than the width of 1 can of Coke bottle. This can prevent the baby from falling off the bed and getting stuck after the head sticks out of the guardrail.
  2. The distance between the mattress and the edge of the bed should not exceed two fingers.
  3. The height of the corner posts of the bed should not be too high.
  4. The headboard and footboard should not have decorative hollows to prevent the baby’s head or limbs from sinking in and unable to extricate themselves.
  5. The baby’s cot should not be near the window, so as to avoid the cold wind blowing through the window to the baby.
  6. Don’t put the baby’s cot under the beam, so as not to bring pressure on the baby’s head and weaken his sense of security.
  7. The orientation of the children’s bed should be better in the east and southeast directions.
  8. It is best to choose a south-facing, sunny, well-lit room to place your baby’s crib, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight to avoid strong sunlight irritating your baby’s eyes.
  9. There should be enough room around the crib to prevent the adults from doing housework to affect the baby or cause hidden dangers.
  10. The baby’s crib should be kept away from lamp sockets and any items with hanging coils, such as curtains, cloth curtains, and household appliances such as fans and electric heaters.
  11. It is best to lay a thick carpet around the crib, in case the baby falls, it can avoid more damage.
  12. The placement of the crib should not only facilitate the mother’s daily care, but also facilitate the frequent eye contact between the mother and the child. Therefore, it is best to be close to the mother’s big bed.
  13. Do not put plastic bags or plastic sheets in the crib to prevent suffocation by covering the baby’s face when it moves its arms.
  14. The doll or big toy should not be enlarged on the bed, in case the baby will climb on the toy and step on it and fall off the bed.
  15. It is best to place foot mats with anti-slip pads at the bedside and the end of the bed, or lay cloth, plastic assembled carpets or anti-slip assembled carpets throughout the room.
  16. It is best not to place rubber pads or tapes on the crib in order to prevent the baby from wetting the bed, so as not to interfere with the baby’s sleep.
  17. The bed rail of the crib should be very strong and fastened to prevent the baby from falling out of the bed when the baby rolls over.
  18. Do not stack clothes on the crib, so as not to cover the baby’s mouth and nose, causing suffocation.
  19. Don’t tie any accessories on the baby’s neck, so as to avoid these accessories from strangling the baby’s neck.
  20. Don’t hang toys with hard edges and corners on the bed rail, so as not to be injured when the baby rolls over.
  21. Don’t use too soft bedding for babies, because babies can easily bury their faces in soft pillows and quilts and cause suffocation.
  22. In the cold winter, you can add a warm jumpsuit to your baby, but don’t add a quilt to the quilt.

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