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A good reading lamp is the best love you can give your child!

A professional and reliable eye protection lamp is definitely the best love you can give your child! The professional reading desk lamp makes the children’s homework no longer blurred. Under the comfortable light, they can complete their homework happily and efficiently. The most important thing is to prevent myopia! As someone who has bought 6 sets of eye protection lamps, here are some points to focus on when choosing lamps:

1. Illumination requirements: 500Lx-800Lx is roughly equivalent to 40W-60W incandescent bulb brightness.

Illuminance is what we usually call brightness. Generally speaking, an ordinary 40W incandescent light bulb installed in a desk lamp has a written brightness of about 600lx, so according to the standard of reading lighting, it usually requires 500-800lx as the appropriate reading brightness. Reading in a light environment below 500, the eyeballs are easy to fatigue. If the glasses receive too strong light, they are easy to fatigue.

2. Requirement for color rendering: Pay attention to the R9 value for the key points related to color. For general reading, it is sufficient to exceed 80.

Color rendering is the difference in color reproduction between artificial light and natural light. This is not a value, but is usually contrasted with 16 colors, labeled R0-R15. That is to say, it is the combined value of 16 different color test comparison data. For LED lamps and fluorescent lamps (energy-saving lamps), the R9 color, which is usually referred to as the red color rendering index, is the lowest, which is determined by the characteristics of the light source. Then the more high-end the chip, the higher the color rendering, and the closer the artificial light is to natural light. This is especially important for designers or people who work and color-related, and special attention should be paid to determining the R9 value.

3. Do you want to pay attention to strobe? The strobe exists objectively, and you can just buy the products of regular manufacturers.

Light itself has the duality of wave and particle, so light also has frequency, and the luminous characteristics of LED itself determine that it also has frequency. Most people will not make much difference as long as they reach 100HZ or more. As long as the current LED chips are not inferior products, there is basically no eye damage caused by stroboscopic. So don’t use your mobile phone to see if there is a strobe to judge whether it will hurt your eyes. That’s pseudoscience, and this method is quickly swept into the trash.

4. How to choose the color temperature? To meet the illumination, choose 2700K-3000K for home use; 3500K-4000K for office use.

The main consideration for color temperature selection is related to blue light. The light-emitting principle of the first Led chip determines that it is impossible to completely eliminate blue light, and there is also blue light in the second natural light. It is impossible to remove blue light by itself. The blue light harm we often say is usually divided into two points: the first is that it damages the eyeball itself, and reading in an artificial light environment with a high proportion of blue light is more likely to cause visual fatigue. The second is that blue light has the effect of inhibiting the secretion of melatonin. This is also the result of our natural evolution according to natural light. The light environment with more blue light (cold light) is more exciting, and the light environment with less blue light (warm light) is easier to fall asleep. Therefore, the reading lamp at home should try to choose a color temperature of 2700-3000K under the premise of guaranteed illumination, which will not affect the sleep in the back. The classroom environment is used a lot during the day, so the choice of cool color temperature is also because people’s spirit is easier to be excited, nervous and efficient under cool color temperature.

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